The perfect pink nail polish – OPI Bubble Bath

I have spent years trying to find the perfect pink nail polish, and have been let down more times than I care to remember but I have finally found The One! After years of experimenting with numerous shades of Essie/China Glaze/Chanel etc… I stumbled upon OPI’s Bubble Bath.

A glossy pink that works best with a tan, it’s perfect for work meetings, first dates (when you don’t know if he thinks red is sensuous or just plain slutty) and mid-week supper with your mother. Plus, I find OPI is pretty chip resistant even after a trip to the pool or a night out at Tonteria that ends at 5am the next day in Vingt-Quatre. This Saturday night, I have no idea what outfit I’m wearing or even where we’re going (suggestions?) but I do know what I’m wearing on my nails 😉

You can browse the entire OPI range of over 240 shades at Colourcopia in Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Westfield but this store is like crack for nail polish addicts. You find yourself wandering in in a daze, enthralled by the bright lights and dizzying array of nail polishes.

Ciao ciao x

OPI Bubble BathColourcopia Westfield Shopping Centre


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