Bob Bob Ricard – yes yes yes! Kitsch, nuh uh

Bob Bob Ricard sounds like a cheesy 80s band but in fact it’s one of my favourite restaurants in London. AA Gill famously gave this restaurant zero stars in 2009 but hey, even experienced restaurant reviewers can get it wrong 😉

Tucked away on Upper James Street in Mayfair, this Russian-meets-classic English restaurant oozes Great Gatsby glamour and good ol’ fashioned service with a smile.

Great Gatsby BBR

And did I mention the to-die-for cocktails? I’m on a quest to find the perfect cocktail and BBR doesn’t disappoint. Perfect for a Saturday night out with the girls.

The doorman sweeps open the door and as soon as you enter, you feel like you’ve been transported onto a Hollywood film set. The waiter escorts you to a oak-panelled booth and leaves you with a menu but don’t worry, if you need assistance just hit the Press for Champagne button. It’s like flying first class 😉

Press for Champagne at BBR

First stop, cocktails. The list had me drooling, so naturally I had to flex my tastebuds and sample a few – the Suffolk apple martini seemed like a good place to start.

Suffolk Apple Martini at BBR

I’m notorious for being a slow drinker but my friends looked on in amazement as I glugged my martini and reached for the drinks menu to order this baby, the Passionfruit and Elderflower Cup:

Passionflower and Elderflower Cup at BBR

This cocktail should be renamed The Holy Grail because after drinking from this delicious cup, I was feeling pretty immortal. We polished off our Lobster Pelemi dumplings at breakneck speed.

By 11pm, the waiter subtly suggested it might be time to order mains so I browsed the extensive menu, but my heart was set from the start on the lobster tail burger. Now I’ve ordered lobster fresh from the sea and am usually disappointed when ordering from restaurants, but this dish was everything I was hoping for. Succulent, moreish and accompanied by a fresh tasting Marie Rose sauce, this burger barely had time to be snapped before I gobbled it down.

Lobster tail burger at BBR

And of course I just had to wash it down with another cocktail…meet the Blacbkerry Bumble. By this point my snapping skills had somewhat diminished *ahem* but think gin, blackberry cordial and lots of ice.

I was intent on sampling the famous BBR chocolate dessert but the girls were keen to hit the dancefloor and the restaurant was keen to close. The staff helped us with our coats, even took the time to take a group pic and made sure we left in one piece. One of the best things about BBR is the uncompromising service – the waiters go out of their way to recommend the best dishes and are genuinely friendly. Not a snobby maître d’ in sight!

The rest of the night was a blur but for anyone thinking of trying out Mayfair’s newest nightclub, Kitsch – don’t. The name suggests something quirky and original but, ironically, it was by far the most unoriginal nightclub I’ve been to in a long time. The décor reminded me of a cheap version of Rose nightclub and the drinks list was uninspiring. The music was a mishmash of last year’s hits interspersed with cheesy 90s tunes, while the crowd was sleazy Italian with a smattering of TOWIE.

But worst of all I was served a shot in this…the biggest freaking shot glass I’ve ever encountered! Talk about promoting irresponsible drinking.

Kitsch shot

Come back to my blog next week for a review of The Landau, another classic Mayfair restaurant worth leaving K&C for and in the meantime, enjoy the last of this year’s sunshine!

Ciao ciao x


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