About Sierra

I’m a PYT in K&C (poor young twenty-something 😉 living in Kensington & Chelsea). Blogging anonymously about single life in London’s Royal borough until I meet Prince Charming or my benevolent landlord hikes up the rent and I skulk off to Zone 2. Hopefully the former, most likely the latter.

I’ll give you the lowdown on everything I love (and hate) most about Kensington – the restaurants, shops, nightlife, snooty service and of course FASHION! Occasionally I may stray into Mayfair 😉

I’m available for copywriting/features and am always available for press invites to events – drop me an email at sharewithsierra@gmail.com. 


2 responses to “About Sierra

  1. Great “About” blurb… Thanks for visiting and following my blog, LondonUnveiled.com – I hope you enjoy reading it. Will enjoy reading your posts about life in K&C… and aren’t we all open to press invites (especially if there are nibbles and drinks 🙂 ), Ian.

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