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Is it ever justified to snatch somebody’s Prada?

Every summer the Arabs come to play in West London to escape the oppressive heat in the Middle East. Everyone just loves to swoon over their fancy sports cars. Whenever one gets clamped for parking on a double yellow a crowd forms and it makes front page news at the Daily Mail, sparking hundreds of comments from jealous readers.

But while everyone has an opinion on these playboys’ cars, no one ever seems to stop for a minute and smell the FASHION! I recently spotted an Arab tourist with a to-die-for Prada bag; for one mad moment I even considered doing a snatch ‘n run. But then I figured her beefy husband sitting next to her might thwart my plan…so instead surreptitiously snapped a pic on my phone.

Summer is officially coming to an end now and I’m sure the influx of fashion from the world’s wealthiest tourists will soon be a distant memory, but this heavenly Prada bag will stay in my heart forever. Just look at the gold zip on that tote winking up at me….


You can buy the Saffiano Small Promenade Crossbody Bag online from Neiman Marcus ( Free shipping (inc to UK) throughout September with the code SEPTFS. Oh and it’ll set you back £1270 😉

Here it is in all its powder blue Prada glory:

Neiman Marcus Prada bag