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OMG! Moment of the Week: Martha Stewart hits back at her “disgusting” food tweets

Martha Stewart probably thought she’d had enough bad press for one lifetime after being sent to jail for insider trading ten years ago, but this week entertainment website BuzzFeed took Martha to task and dumped a whole load more her way.

Yes, she that embodies domestic perfection has been outed by BuzzFeed and her twitter fans for being a bloody awful food photographer! Now, I’m no domestic goddess or indeed a professional photographer but even I can snap a semi-decent food pic.

Martha’s food tweets literally made my stomach turn. I could write a long blog post laying into her shocking photography skills, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. Message to Martha: Learn how to use Instagram and turn off the flash!

READER CAUTION – EXPLICIT CONTENT. Those with a sensitive disposition should look away.

But Martha isn’t taking it lying down, the queen of cooking is hitting back at her critics!! Say what you like about Martha, she’s not afraid to stand up for herself.