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Russian nightclub Ruski’s says bye bye to High Street Kensington

So did anyone else hear that Ruski’s Tavern is relocating? The Russian themed nightclub has been open for barely four months on Kensington High Street, before deciding to call it quits and move elsewhere. I can’t say I’m too surprised, my one and only visit left me feeling underwhelmed. It’s yards away from the ever popular Kensington Roof Gardens and Bodo’s Schloss, but lacked the same infectious atmosphere. The main problem was that it promised to be a grand affair worthy of a tzar and yet the place felt poky and crammed. Ruski’s admitted as much in its goodbye email, referring to the current premises as a “tiny basement”. Hmmm hardly fit for a tsar, never mind this princess!

The plus points included delicious caviar chips and refreshing cocktails, especially the aptly named War and Peace which came in a box. (Don’t ask me which bottle is War and which is Peace, in the harsh light of day both look like War to me).


The poorly decorated, dingy ladies toilets left something to be desired. Not sure what this poster in the ladies was about, but it certainly didn’t scream decadent…


Ruski’s could learn a thing or two from Knightsbridge restaurant Mari Vanna, their toilets are fit for a Russian emperor. I’ll be interested to see where Ruski’s relocates to, and if it can live up to its own hype. I have a love affair with all things Russian but high-end bars like Novikov in Mayfair set the bar high. Take note, Ruski’s.

Ciao ciao.

Sierra x


Putin disses Chelsea, stop. Just stop!

This week’s OMG! moment of the week is a no-brainer. Vladimir Putin is no stranger to talking controversy but at the G20 Summit he just talked crap. Putin apparently dismissed the UK as a “small island no one pays attention to apart from the Russia oligarchs who bought up Chelsea.”

Let’s just say Putin is right, just for a moment. What does that say about Russia if its richest folk would rather live on the other side of Europe in Chelsea? My Russian friends in London are desperate to extend their visas because Moscow simply isn’t safe enough.

Take Nikita, his father is a successful businessman in Russia. His family live in Moscow but he dreads returning home for the holidays because he can’t go anywhere without a bodyguard for fear of being kidnapped and held to ransom. His parents would rather fork out for a flat in Chelsea and put thousands of miles between them, just to keep him safe.

Putin hounded the artist Konstantin Altunis who portrayed him unfavourably in the below painting (figure on the left) and drove him out of the country after seizing his work, but perhaps he  should be more worried about how he portrays himself on the global stage.

The more Putin slams the UK, the more he reeks of jealousy.

Vladimir Putin lingerie