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Sticky fig and orange muffins

Every once in a while week a girl deserves a sweet treat

Tear yourself away from the chocolate and indulge in sticky fig and orange muffins

Easy to prepare and even easier to devour 😉

Tulip muffin cases


Juicy figs


Ta dah!


Follow the recipe and enjoy! 

Sierra x



Another one bites the dust! Superdrug on High Street Kensington closes; Morrisons rears its lurid yellow head

I don’t know why I’m even surprised anymore but here goes..Superdrug on High Street Kensington has shut its doors and guess what? The hastily taped up sign on the glass door reads: ‘We’ve now closed…but don’t worry, your nearest Superdrug is…Westfield White City.’ Quelle surprise.
High Street Kensington has become a victim of neighbouring Westfield’s success since its opening in 2008. I’m all for embracing a bit of competition but the indomitable spirit of Westfield is crushing the soul of High Street Kensington. Shop after shop has a closing sale and abruptly closes its doors with a limp goodbye (except for that cheap-looking Italian suit shop which permanently had a sale and took years to die).
On a rather more alarming note, Morrisons has opened a store at the other end of the high street. Call me a snob but I really don’t need to see that lurid, bright yellow sign in my field of vision when tucking into my lunchtime salmon sashimi at neighbouring restaurant Hare & Tortoise.
Morrisons logo
Apart from anything, does the high street really need another supermarket? We already have Whole Foods, Waitrose, M&S, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco. How many more  do we need? I fear Lidl and Aldi might be the next to surface, a scary thought. I’m all for discount shopping in someone else’s neighbourhood…
I’ll be sad to see Superdrug go. I’m a Boots girl at heart, but there was always something about Superdrug that reminded me of my carefree teenage years experimenting with hair dye and henna. RIP Superdrug High Street Kensington.
RIP Superdrug High St Kensington